Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

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Can I try your product before buying it?

You can download our free trial

PC Performer will scan your computer and find all errors and you can fix 25 of them totally for free.
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How do I restore my registry?

To restore your registry please do the following:

Go to your PC Performer client

Click on the „Restore“ button

Select a restore point and click on the „Restore“ button
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How do I activate my product key?

To activate PC Performer, please do the following:

Open your PC Performer client

Click on the green “Register now” button down in the left corner

Enter your product key – You can find it on the invoice we sent you.

Click on “Activate Now”
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Why do I have the same errors on my computer after several scans?

PC Performer finds and fixes the errors . Some programs unfortunately might recreate the same invalid entries that were removed in the first scan and PC Performer will therefore find them again in your system.

There is no need to be worried though as just a small number of errors may reappear after being removed by PC Performer . To get a rid of the errors you will need to find the program that is recreating them.
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Will PcPerformer backup my registry before I click on the “Repair” button?

When you click on the “Repair” button, a backup file will be created automatically. Then when you click on the “Restore” button, a restore point will show.
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Do I have the latest updated version of PcPerformer?

You can click on the “Update” link in the upper right corner on your PC Performer menu and your PC Performer will check for updates.

In order to do this open your PC Performer from Start -> All Programs -> PerfromerSoft -> PC Performer -> PC Performer
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